The Power of Evil Eye Jewellery

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The Power of Evil Eye Jewellery

The Power of Evil Eye Jewellery | Callidora

Not only is the Evil Eye a popular jewellery trend in Greece and Europe, it is also a powerful symbol of protection and good fortune.


It’s not hard to see why an evil eye bracelet or amulet has become such a popular fashion statement with its mysterious blue, white and gold eyes staring right back at us. The eyes cryptically look deep in our soul and speak to us.


The evil eye is said to be a curse cast by someone jealous or negative towards the other person. There are stores along the coast of the Mediterranean and Greek islands dedicated to the jewellery trend.


Many cultures in the Mediterranean believe the evil eye will bring misfortune and bad luck. Jewellery and symbols of the eye are believed to protect against the evil eye.


In the past, locals-only wore evil eye jewellery traditionally for protection, however now celebrities, entrepreneurs and international tourists proudly wear the necklaces, bracelets and amulets.


Although now a fashion statement, the evil eye still is and enigmatic symbol with the power to endure for centuries.